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      1. CN
        155Total patents obtained
        8Invention patent
        143Utility model patent
        1Software registration

        A carbon nanotube reinforced composite pipe connector

        A graphene modified fluororubber and its preparation method

        A pouring method of elastic waterproof material for bridge expansion joint

        A kind of composite material for making connector

        A high creep and aging resistant rubber pad under rail

        A natural rubber compound to prevent adhesion with cement

        An engine oil seal fluororubber and its preparation method

        Invention -- a composite material for connector

        Patent of engine oil seal

        Din6701 bonding certificate

        Din2304 bonding certificate


               Hailiwei laboratory belongs to Qingdao Municipal Technology Center laboratory. The laboratory has various modern testing instruments and equipment necessary for rubber materials and polyurethane materials such as chemical analysis, material preparation, performance test and molding processing. It has four departments: physical property testing room, material performance testing room, mechanical property testing room and bench test laboratory. Among them, there are Mooney viscometers and ovens of high-speed rail company, universal material testing machines of Taiwan Yuken and MetS, small open mill, micro melting point tester, ball indentation hardness tester, microscope, glue curing time tester, Brooke infrared spectrometer, Karl Fischer moisture tester, Netzsch red combination instrument, etc., which have international advanced level There are several sets of advanced oil seal products oil resistance test bench test equipment, which creates good conditions for the company's product quality control and new product development.

        Salt spray testing machine

        Dynamic and static stiffness tester

        Drying box

        High and low temperature oil seal testing machine

        Air tightness testing machine

        Oil seal holding force testing machine

        Coordinate measuring instrument

        Low temperature bench test machine

        Servo universal testing machine

        Friction torque testing machine

        Valve oil seal testing machine

        Low temperature brittleness testing machine


        Quality management system certification (Chinese)

        Quality management system certification

        Railway product certification 3

        Railway product certification certificate 2

        Railway product certification certificate 1

        National industrial product production license 2

        National industrial product production license 1

        SGS Chinese

        SGS English

        Elastic plate under iron plate

        Production license

        Bridge expansion joint

        Rubber parts for fastener system of high speed railway

        Waterproof board







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