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        Qingdao hilywill Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. (Pingdu) accepted CRCC audit

        On April 21, 2020, the auditors of China railway inspection and Certification Center (CRCC) and his party conducted a two-day CRCC product review and audit on the plant area of Qingdao hailiwei Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. (Pingdu), accompanied by leaders of relevant departments of the company.

        At the first meeting, the leaders of the company stressed that all relevant departments should actively cooperate with the audit work and rectify the problems found in time. The audit team leader emphasized the purpose and basis of the audit.


        The audit teacher conducted the witness test on the certified product: spraying asphalt, and carefully reviewed the audit data provided by the management, office, human resources department, production technology department, quality inspection department, production workshop and other relevant departments. Finally, the review group considered that the company's product quality control process met the requirements and had the quality assurance ability.


        At the final meeting, the audit team thought that Qingdao hailiwei Polymer Technology Co., Ltd. had the ability to guarantee the quality of the products, passed the audit, and gave a high evaluation to our company. This CRCC audit and certification marks that the company has the product quality assurance ability to ensure the high-quality output of railway products, and provides guarantee for hailiwei company to practice "quality excellence".


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