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        Hilywill team spirit

        With the development of Qingdao hailiwei New Material Technology Co., Ltd., the company has more and more employees and a larger scale. On June 1, 2020, due to the urgent order delivery of railway elastic pad products, the front-line staff could not meet the demand for post-processing repair of products. The management department issued a notice calling on office staff to take advantage of the lunch break, Go to the production line to repair the elastic base plate. After receiving the notice, the office staff of each department will arrive at the production line on time and on time. The atmosphere was strong and orderly.


        Through the joint efforts of all personnel, the order was successfully delivered, but the impact on "hailiwei people" is far from over. This kind of team cohesion is shocking and far-reaching, It is a baptism for all employees and a driving force to further promote our efforts to do all kinds of work well. It is not only a simple team activity, but also the transmission of a culture, a spirit and a concept. This is hailiwei people.


        Other News
        • Xue Nuanxin, chairman of the CPPCC Chengyang District, visited hailiwei to investigate the resumption of work and production safety of enterprises
        • Dongfeng personnel adjustment Qiao Yang as deputy general manager of the company
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