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      1. CN
        Corporate Culture
        • VISION
          The leader and wisdom sharer of polymer materials application

          People have a down-to-earth, steady and reliable team.

          Financial integration of all available resources to ensure the sustainable development and value-added enterprises.

          Reputation shows excellent corporate image to the public and wins the respect and praise of new people in society.

        • Mission
          Continuous innovation, enhance value, and share achievements with the whole value chain

          Committed to high quality work. High quality work is bound to obtain high-quality products and services, improve customer value; committed to the common development of enterprises, society and employees, to maximize the economic and social benefits of the company.

        • Core values
          Honesty, respect and win-win
          IntegrityBeing honest, doing things honestly and managing in good faith
          respectRespect customers, employees, rules and knowledge
          win-winMutually beneficial with customers, suppliers and employees, giving back to shareholders and society, and achieving win-win results in all parties
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